3 Things you Should Know Before Traveling to Papua New Guinea

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You heard correctly, we are going to Papua New Guinea to rescue sea turtles! In researching for this trip, I have learned 3 important things I want to share:

#1- You probably need some shots and maybe some Malaria medicine.  Here is a list of what the CDC Recommends. It is important to talk with your doctor about what is good for you.  Some shots have multiple doses, so if you are planning to get vaccines, be sure you give yourself enough time.

#2- Know where you are going. I am learning from research that, much like all countries, there are some areas of PNG that are safe for tourists and some areas that are not so safe.  My team will be safe because we are going to be staying at Lissenung Island Resort. It is remote and it is supposedly a scuba diving haven.

#3- Look into what visas you will need.  Some you can get at the airport, some you have to get in advance.  What country you are coming from makes a difference as does what country or countries you will be flying through so make sure you know ahead of time and give yourself plenty of time to prepare your paperwork.

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